How Ethereum Merge Will Impact Web3 Enterprises?

The network has officially swapped over to proof-of-stake due to the Ethereum Merge (PoS). 

The long-awaited Merge was achieved by merging the Ethereum Mainnet execution and consensus layers of the Beacon Chain.

The network will no more rely on the proof-of-work consensus method.

The Merge will not impact most enterprise use cases, it will significantly change how businesses see Ethereum.

Ethereum is now more secure thanks to the switch to proof of stake.  This will allow for future improvements and energy savings.

The top priorities are network capacity enhancements and structural modifications enabling far more devices to participate.

This moment is very important for Web3: the transition to proof of stake (PoS) mitigates climate concerns, 

Hopefully driving layer-1s to follow suit and reducing this common barrier to mainstream adoption.