Head Of TikTok Leaves Web2 To Build Web3

Fung, a former gaming head, stated that he hopes to use his vast knowledge and experience in software development and gaming to help the Metaverse become a greater entity.

Many Web2 companies are trying out metaverse integration into their business models. Before you make that move, there are many legal considerations. 

Is it possible to decentralize and transfer ownership of assets? Is it worth taking the chance of losing control?

Fung stated that Meta0 is a Web2 initiative to encourage others to make moves into Web3 to join the effort to create the Metaverse and solve real-world problems.

While his career focused on tournaments and Esports, he also worked on mini-games at TikTok and created new player experiences. 

His deep interest in blockchain and gaming helped him identify the problems facing Metaverse's current iteration.

He spoke about interoperability between the implementations, protocols, and technology companies involved in developing this space.

Fung further said he wanted blockchains to communicate and work together. 

When asked about the recently announced Digital IF Interoperability Consortium, he said it was a step in the right direction, noting that currently, there are very few standards. 

We compared the pros and cons and identified the most compelling use cases for interoperability.

Meta0 allows game developers to simultaneously build different parts of their games using different blockchains. 

Cross-chain interoperability is possible. Our multi-chain game development approach is appreciated by some of the developers we're talking to."

Meta0 also works closely with Waves Labs (the growth engine of the Waves Ecosystem) in an incubator program to raise awareness and support the new company's initiatives. 

Fung stated that Waves Fund will be announced soon. Fung commented that Waves is an incubator that makes dreams and reality come true.

Meta0 plans to bring games to Web3 to address interoperability problems currently present in the Web3 space. This means developers will have an API and SDK to integrate into their games. 

It means gamers have easier access to Web3-based games. Jason told reporters it was a bright start for him, saying, "There's a lot to tell about this story."