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Head Of Instagram 'Adam Mosseri' Confirms It: Instagram Is Over

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Now, something to make the feed still worse is "discovery." That's when a bunch of videos from people you don't follow get shoehorned into your feed. 

This is what we will see in Instagram daily. People I've taken the time to be following -- those whose posts I am most eager to read -- are being de-rated for videos of strangers.

Let's talk about the Kardashians, who have recently declared that the latest Instagram feature sucks. 

These women earn a huge chunk of money on Instagram, and Instagram wooed them with a deliberate plan and built its platform around celebrities like the Kardashians. 

Unlike me, they're, in fact, a major part of Instagram. So, it's now necessary for the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, to respond to the backlash 'Stop trying to be TikTok'.

Like a tired parent, Mosseri agreed that Instagram's new feed was a disaster and that its suggestions could be bad and assured us that it would not improve. Instagram doesn't care anymore about pictures.

According to Mosseri, Instagram users are switching toward video. It could be so! Sure, I didn't intend to change to video and ended up using the platform frequently. 

However, those who use Instagram to earn money were required to upload more videos to be able to show up in their feeds. 

The company is trying to make as much growth-hacky interaction from its older platforms as possible. 

It seems like Instagram has, in a meaningful sense, done (over).