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HBO Max Will Be Replaced By A New App: Warner Bros Discovery

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HBO Max isn't dead...yet. 

However, by the summer of 2023, it will launch a brand new service that will replace each HBO Max and Discovery Plus, Warner Bros Discovery CEO David Zaslav said at an earnings conference today.

"HBO Max is a competitor in terms of features set; however, it has experienced problems with performance and customer service," 

Zaslav said, being more courteous than I would regard HBO Max, which often isn't able to stream when people watch big-adventure shows such as Euphoria and Succession. 

Zaslav said that Discovery Plus has a better technology platform and will become the basis for the service that will bring together HBO Max's content and Discovery Plus technology.

"We believe that the product will be fantastic," Zaslav said later on the call, reassuring the listeners that the company will not go on a cancellation-focused HBO Max streak. 

This announcement comes after an anxious week for the users. At the beginning of the week, HBO Max chose to remove the complete Batgirl from its release calendar and then move it into the vault. 

Other films exclusive to HBO Max disappeared from the service but are still accessible for rent or purchase. 

The Wrap then reported that things looked grim in the future for HBO Max and the creative development teams that work there.

Zaslav tried to ease his concerns during the call. He said that he believed that the HBO Max quality overall was excellent and was supported by the whole company. 

During the questions and answers portion of the call, Zaslav declared that HBO Max has started to become an identity in and of its own and one that is specifically related to high quality. 

Still, we're confident we'll hear more about it as Zaslav shuffles his business further over the next year.