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HBO Max Removed 200 Sesame Street Episodes And 36 More Titles

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Variety reports that HBO Max has removed about 200 episodes from Sesame Street. 

This could be devastating news for parents and children. Variety reports that many episodes have been removed from the show's earliest seasons.

Variety reports that the number of Sesame street episodes on HBO Max has dropped from around 650 down to 456.

Sesame street's older episodes are not the only ones being pulled. NPR also reported that Warner Bros. Discovery will also take 36 titles off HBO Max. 

This includes Sesame street specials, late-night shows starring Elmo, and HBO Max Originals such as Infinity Train or Summer Camp Island.

HBO Max stated that they would make changes to the content available on Discovery Plus and HBO Max as part of our efforts to bring together our content catalogs under one platform.

"That will also include removing some contents from both platforms."