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Hailey Bieber Wins Legal Battle For Skincare Brand Rhode

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Hailey Bieber recently expressed joy when she legally obtained permission to call her skincare business Rhode.

According to TMZ, Justin Bieber's wife has been previously sued for trademark infringement by a clothing manufacturer called Rhode.

The proprietors of the "eight-year-old" firm asserted they believed that "having two names that share the same name will cause confusion for the general public".

It is important to note that the founders of this company were concerned because the 25-year-old was a huge number of followers due to her status as a celebrity.

They argued that when she introduced her skincare line the last month, she filed a trademark application for clothing that could hurt their business.

However, her legal team believed that her company's primary goal is "skincare" instead of "clothing", thus removing any "confusion".

On Friday, July 13, a federal judge from Manhattan's court ruled against the company's request to obtain a "preliminary injunction" in that Hailey was not permitted to "use the name she chose for its skincare line".

For those who aren't, Hailey's Rhode Skin was launched on June 15 and was described by Hailey as "affordable and non-toxic".