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Gulf Arab Nations Ask Netflix To Remove ‘Offensive’ Videos

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Gulf Arab countries on Tuesday requested Netflix to take down "offensive videos" on its streaming service, possibly targeting shows that feature people who are gay or lesbian. 

A joint statement released on behalf of an advisory committee of the Gulf Cooperation Council made the request, 

noting that the unnamed shows "contradict Islamic and societal values and fundamentals."

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates issued the declaration through their respective governments.

Together with Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar comprise the council of six nations. 

The statement was not specific; Saudi state television also broadcast a video of an interview with a woman who was identified as a "behavioral expert"

Who spoke of Netflix as an "official partner in the promotion of homophobia." 

The channel aired footage in the same episode of a show, "Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous," where two women were kissing, but the video was blurred.

Saudi state TV also broadcasts a program suggesting Netflix might be banned in the kingdom because of its content targeting children. 

Netflix is headquartered within Los Gatos, California, did not respond to inquiries for comment on Tuesday. 

The move follows a ban on public showings in the Muslim world in June, the screening of Disney's new animated movie "Lightyear" after a short clip of two female characters kissing. 

Then, the company's Disney+ streaming service said its "content accessible should be in line with local requirements for regulation" for Gulf Arab countries.