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Government Used Google AI to Find 20,000 Illegal Pools

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French authorities have said that their latest AI system has identified more than 20356 illegal pools

Scattered across the country in an unproven test this year, according to the report published in The Guardian.

Tax authorities have reportedly teamed with Google and the tech company Capgemini to develop an application that could find pools across the country by aerial photos. 

These images are interrogated against the land registry database maintained by French tax authorities that details the number of pools that have been declared.

French homeowners must declare swimming pools because they may affect an individual's tax burden.

These taxes are typically tipped up after a homeowner has installed the pool or does an identical property modification...but only when the tax department is aware. 

France is said to have more than three million private swimming pools, making it the second biggest market outside the U.S, according to French news magazine The Connexion.