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Google's Tensor 3 CPU And Samsung Exynos 1380 Coming

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According to a report in GalaxyClub, Google and Samsung are currently working on a new generation of Tensor SoC,

Which should be the basis for the next Pixel 8 lineup. 

On the other side, it's not a surprise it's likely that Google and Samsung will continue to develop their joint venture;

In the end, the initial-generation Tensor chipset doesn't seem comparable to the offerings from Qualcomm or Apple. 

Things may be different in the future, however. The benefit of Tensor is that Google can adapt the SoC to meet its requirements. 

The camera AI capabilities, for instance, are impressive and permit the Pixel 6 to offer some sophisticated features.

The same report also claims that Samsung is currently working on the Exynos 1280 successor,

An entry-level chip that is used in a few of Samsung's low-cost products. 

The leak doesn't give any specifics apart from the Tensor 3's model number and being tested on a development device codenamed "Rip current"