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Google's Project Nimbus Is The Future Of Evil

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Project Nimbus is a collaborative initiative by Google, Amazon, and the Israeli government that offers

Futuristic surveillance capabilities using sophisticated machine learning algorithms. 

Nimbus training materials emphasize "the faces and facial landmarks' detection features provided by Google's Cloud Vision API."

During a Nimbus training session, the Google engineer informed an Israeli customer that it would have 

The capability to "process data using Nimbus to identify the truth of a person's story."

Yes, the company that sold us the flawed YouTube algorithms is now looking to market algorithms that can determine the truthfulness of someone's story before the police. 

It's time to take that into. It is a method of research that Microsoft has abandoned due to its inherent flaws. 

However, Google disagrees so much that it has retaliated against individuals in the company and voiced their displeasure.

Ultimately, it does not matter what you think about the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine. 

There's no legitimate reason to offer any state this kind of technical assistance. Doing so makes Google evil.