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GoogleAI Launched A New YouTube Channel: Now You can meet and learn from Google Researchers

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Google AI today announced the launch of the 'Google Research YouTube channel'. 

This channel will focus on many subjects such as AI/ML and robotics, theory, algorithms, quantum computing and health, and bioscience.

These subjects will be addressed by the channel, as well as other content such as shows like - Meet a Google Researcher - ResearchBytes - Spotlights 

Meet a Google Researcher: This show will feature a Google Researcher who will talk about the latest innovations and their implications for our everyday lives. 

ResearchBytes: This series is about converting Google research publications into byte-sized content by Google researchers. 

Spotlight: This segment will discuss new technologies and notable innovations presented in research papers.

YouTube will feature most of the research that GoogleAI has published on the blog. 

This blog covers the most recent developments in AI/ML and robot theories.