Google Will Not Launch Next Pixel Book: Here's Why

Google has canceled the next version of the Pixelbook laptop and disbanded the team that built it. 

According to someone familiar with the matter, the device was well advanced in development and was expected to launch next year. 

However, the project was scrapped as part of recent cost-cutting efforts within Google.

As a result, the company has transferred members of the team to other projects.

Google hardware chief Rick Osterloh said they would be doing Pixelbooks at its annual I/O developer event. 

However, he also admitted that the market for Chromebooks had changed significantly since 2017 when the original and best Pixelbook was launched.

Osterloh stated that the category has "matured," which is good. "You can expect them last a long while."

Google may be thinking that the ChromeOS market doesn't require Google as much as it did in the past.