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Google WO To Become The New President At Signal

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Signal officially appointed Meredith Whittaker (formerly Google Walkout Organizer) as a new president.

In the new post, the company that developed the app for encrypted messaging has appointed Meredith Whittaker, a former Google manager and co-founder of the AI Now Institute. 

Whittaker announced the hiring via a blog post on the Signal blog, 

Where she described the strategic importance of the job in steering the company towards sustainable growth over the long term.

"As president, I'll commit myself to aid Signal to establish a long-lasting taproot to allow it to expand and flourish in changing environments," Whittaker wrote. 

"In my new role, I will work with Signal's leadership and CEO, with a concentration on guiding the strategy of Signal

As well as ensuring the sustainability of our finances as well as sharpening and expanding Signal's public communication".