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Google Tries Publicly Shaming Apple Into Adopting RCS

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Google has launched a new campaign to press Apple to adopt RCS, the cross-platform messaging protocol. 

The new website "Get The Message" by Google is a familiar platform that explains why Apple should adopt the standard.

To get the viral juices flowing, there's also a hashtag #GetTheMessage.

Apple stands to gain everything from the current situation. This has a lock-in effect on customers. 

It allows seamless communication between iMessage users, but only between iMessage users. 

It transforms Android's green bubbles into subtle class markers. 

In internal emails, Apple executives admitted that bringing iMessage on Android would "hurt [Apple] much more than it helps us".

RCS is slowly gaining feature parity to iMessage's encrypted chats. 

It supports E2EE (end-to-end encryption) in one-on-1 chats. E2EE in group conversations is expected later in the year. 

Will Google's latest publicity campaign be enough to get Apple to roll out RCS support for its phones? Let's wait and watch.