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Google Sues Sonos Over Voice Control Technology

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Google sued Sonos over the infringement of seven patents relating to smart speakers, voice control technology, and voice recognition technology.

This is the latest in a series of back-and-forth disputes over wireless speakers, which has already seen multiple lawsuits against Sonos.

Google intends to file similar lawsuits against the US International Trade Commission within the next few days.

Sonos describes lawsuits as an "intimidation tactic" used to "grind down smaller competitors".

Jose Castaneda, a spokesperson for Google, stated that the lawsuits were being filed to "defend technology and challenge Sonos's clear, ongoing infringement of our Patents."

Sonos claims they were meant to "retaliate" against Sonos's criticism of Google's monopolistic practices.

Sonos claims Google stole its speaker technology to make the Google Home and other devices.

Google counter-sued, and Sonos sued again. Then, the US International Trade Commission ruled against Sonos.