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Google: Update Your Chrome Now To Fix New Zero-Day Attack

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Google recently released urgent fixes to address security vulnerabilities in its Chrome web browser,

Which it claims is being actively exploited by hackers in the wild. 

The vulnerability assigned to the identifier CVE-2022-3075 concerns the issue of insufficient information validating Mojo, which is the runtime library that offers an IPC (IPC).

"Google is aware that CVE-2022-3075 exploits exist out there," the internet giant declared,

Without providing more details about how to use the attack to deter other actors from exploiting the vulnerability. 

Users are advised to upgrade to 105.0.5195.102 on Windows, macOS, and Linux to reduce the risk of dangers. 

Browsers that use Chromium, like Microsoft Edge, Brave, Opera and Vivaldi, are advised to install the updates as soon as they are released.