Google Play Store Has A New Logo

The Play Store logo is being updated with new colours. However, you might not notice the changes once they arrive.

Although it's not yet the Play Store's primary logo, reporters noticed it is present within GPay and Google Pay before any other apps. 

The new logo is displayed in a small, low-resolution version above the details when you make a Play Store purchase. 

Although it's hard to see the difference, the colours and shapes are strikingly different when you compare them.

The shades of blue and green appear darker than we have seen before. There may also be changes in the yellow and red colours, though these are not as obvious initially. 

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The corners of this triangle have become more rounded than before. Although this isn't an overhaul of the Play logo, it will be a noticeable change you might notice when it launches properly.

Google last updated the Play Store logo in 2017, when it removed the shopping bag icon. 

The Play logo hasn't significantly changed in the past five years. This new design better aligns it with the company's core colours.

It is unclear when Google made the Play Store logo change and whether this permanent change will be rolled out to other Android devices. It could be gradual until it is fully integrated into the ecosystem.