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Tesla Loses Its Head Of Artificial Intelligence ‘Andrej Karpathy’

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Google Cloud and Oracle servers in the UK were hit by heatwave issues on Tuesday during record-breaking temperatures as high as 100 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius). Both companies blamed temperature fluctuations for the sudden shutdowns.

On the Google Cloud website, the status of Google Cloud is displayed. Google states that it encountered a "cooling-related issue" at one of the data centres located in the UK. 

"This caused a partial breakdown of capacity in the area that resulted in VM (virtual machine) terminations and a loss of computers for a limited number of customers", Google states. 

Google adds that it also "powered down" several of its servers to prevent further damage. 

The Register and Bleeping Computer reported that Oracle has a similar message to users on their status page. However, it directly mentions "unseasonal temperature" within the UK as the cause of the downtime.

Oracle closed down some of its computers to avoid problems with its systems earlier in the day. However, its most recent update suggests that services are slowly returning to normal. 

Oracle states that temperatures in the Data Center "have been elevated to an acceptable level." However, it's still striving to repair its cooling equipment.

Although it's not clear the number of users affected by these outages, they could create problems for those who use Oracle as well as Google Cloud services to host their sites.