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Google Says We Copied Zoom’s Trick To Unmute Easily: Will Launch Our Version Soon

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As Google implements the incredibly complicated process of combining the Meet and Duo applications, it's now adding a feature derived from Zoom into the mix.

In a post to the Google Workspace blog, the company announced that Google Meet would soon allow users 

To unmute themselves by pressing the spacebar and then turn off their mute by pressing the spacebar.

If you are a frequent user of Zoom and this feature, it could be similar to the push-to-talk feature.

Zoom certainly didn't invent how you talk (we have walkie-talkies to be thankful for this);

However, it allows it to be used in a video conference, which can be helpful when you'd like to speak up during a conference but don't want in silence for too long. 

Google claims to be rolling out its variant of this shortcut for all Workspace Users on September 9.

Still, it could take as long as 15 days before you experience it. It will not be turned off by default when it's available, so you'll have to activate it in Google's Settings.