Google announced at the beginning of last month that Duo would be merging with Meet and will add all its features in the coming months. Google Duo's Meet merge is now rolling out on Android.

After updating to the latest version (169.0.459621665.duo.android_20220612.16_p6), a handful of users are seeing a "Duo is getting even better" card just underneath the search field. 

This rollout is not widespread. To learn more, Google provides a link to this support article.

The Meet will be the name of your Duo app. It will have a new icon and a new name. There will also be more features, such as background effects.

After taping the FAB (Floating Activity Button), it drops "call" and just states "New." 

You now have the option to "Create new meeting" or "Schedule on Google Calendar." These options were created by Google Meet.

Google claims consumers look for this service more often, but enterprise users prefer instantaneous one-click calling. Tapping will open the Google Calendar creator experience, which includes a prefilled Meet URL.

While you wait, click "Create new meeting," which gives you a link to with the options of copying, sharing, and joining the meeting. 

The meeting will be listed on the modified home screen under the "Meetings" section. This section will also include any events in your Calendar.

Google displays a privacy page that explains the discontinuance of end-to-end encryption before you start a meeting using the new app. 

[Update: Google has clarified that group video and 1:1 calls made by calling directly still use end-to-end encryption. 

However, the "Meet Meetings in the Duo App" that can be accessed via links utilize "cloud encryption."

Meet uses cloud encryption for keeping your conversations private. Cloud encryption is more secure than end-to-end encryption. 

It allows you to use chat and live captions, two of the many features cloud encryption offers.

In a phone call, your Google Account name and pronouns are shown to other people.

You can join calls in Meet with people you've previously blocked in Duo.

One report has been received so far about this rollout. Google has previously stated that they will closely monitor the merger to ensure that users don't get left behind and that quality doesn't suffer. 

With Duo getting the existing Meet features, Phase 1 is already happening. These include virtual backgrounds, in-meeting chat, text chat, and up to 100 participants (from 32).

Next, the Duo app will be renamed Google Meet using the existing icon/branding. This will take place later in the year.