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Google May Launch Pixel Watch For Around 400 Dollars

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Google has long been speculated to be developing a new Pixel Watch that will compete with smartwatches in the market for smartwatches. 

The latest report has confirmed that the smart wearable will be launched along with the Pixel 7 series and even disclosed its potential price and price.

The information comes from a 9To5Google report, which announced the expected price of the forthcoming Pixel Watch for the US market. 

According to the article, it is apparent that Pixel Watch will be launched with two different versions: one that is Bluetooth only and an LTE version. 

According to reports, the latest Pixel Watch will cost between 399 and 499 US dollars in the US; however, it is the price for the LTE-compatible watch model.

This means that it's going to be competing against premium smartwatches made by other well-known brands. 

Based on what we have seen, the brand new Pixel Watch will run on Wear OS and work with Google Assistant, Google Maps, other Google services, and intelligent notifications. 

The device will likely have 300mAh battery packs that could last a full day.