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Google Launches A New Website For Kids: Read Along

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Google has released a browser-based version of its Android app "Read Along". 

Although still in beta, the website is now up and running. There are hundreds of illustrated stories for all levels of reading. 

After selecting a story to read, kids can start speaking into their device's microphone. 

After reading the words, they highlight them in blue. Mispronounced words are underlined with red. 

Click on an underlined word to have Diya pronounce it for you.

Stories are available in English and Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil and Spanish. Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Edge have supported browsers. 

Other browsers (including Safari) will be added soon, Google states. Google has added new stories to Read Along's library. 

These stories will be available in the Android and web versions later this year.