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Google Confesses Its Google TV Software Is Too Slow - Will Release Improvements Soon

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Google is working to make its TV experience more user-friendly, faster, and responsive.

A Monday post by Google's support forums stated that the company is working to improve boot time and general performance.

Google claims that the Google TV home screen loads quicker, which reduces the time it takes to find the content you want. 

Google claims it has achieved performance improvements through CPU optimizations and enhancements in cache management. 

They have begun rolling out update  on third-party devices and will soon be available for Chromecasts.

The post claims users will experience faster performance in several areas, including when they load the Live tab, scroll through the home screen, and use a kid's profile. 

Google is also responding to concerns that storage limitations make it difficult for apps to be installed on Google TV. 

This is especially true for devices like the Chromecast, which has only 5GB of available space, according to Android Police. 

Google has added a menu to Settings > System> Storage to allow you to clear the cache and uninstall apps.

This feature is available on Chromecast and will soon be available for smart TVs.