Google Cloud Launches Its First Arm-Based VMs

These new VMs are currently in preview and will be joining Google Cloud's Tau VMs under the "Tau T2A" moniker. 

This line was launched nearly one year ago using AMD Milan processors to provide a better price/performance ratio.

"We are thrilled to expand the rich choices that we offer with Intel and AMD and to enter the Arm ecosystem to give our customers more choice and flexibility. 

In a press conference ahead of today's announcement, Sachin Gupta (VP and GM of infrastructure at Google Cloud) stated that the company supports a wide range of operating systems, databases and programming languages.

These new chips will be available in predefined SKUs that can hold up to 48 vCPUs and up to 4GB of memory. 

These VMs can support up to 32 Gbps network bandwidth and the standard range of storage options in the Google Cloud ecosystem. 

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