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Google Chrome Will Soon Let You Add Sticky Notes Directly To Web Pages

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A couple of months ago, Google was planning to add notes for personal use to its well-known (or notorious depending on the person you inquire about) Side Panel, which houses many useful tools for easy access.

Microsoft Edge had had this for a long time, and it was one of my top features when I tried it as a Chromebook user trying to work with Windows for a week.

As per Leopeva 64-2 of Reddit, Chrome will also allow you to add notes directly to web pages, similarly to how one could tag comments in Google Docs or PDFs and images within Google Drive. 

Highlighting and right-clicking a text and selecting the option to add a comment in Edge currently produces this kind of result. 

I like the concept of having a note section. It could be very useful for people who don't think of bookmarking every web page to keep track of or save a portion of the information on the page.

And the Redditor has found Chromium commits that suggest Google is also taking the same direction. Take a look at the next slide.