Godaddy Sued For Auctioning Off Eth ENS Domain For $850,000 

GoDaddy, an Internet domain service provider, has been named a defendant in the lawsuit relating to a recently auctioned ENS name. 

The problems started when the domain name was up for renewal this year. 

The domain registrar refused to permit Griffith to renew its domain ownership. 

This was contrary to what it had done in the past, instead of allowing the registration to expire and then auctioning it off.

GoDaddy auctioned the domain name in a partnership agreement with Dynadot.

After Uniregistry was acquired, GoDaddy had to auction any Uni domains it did not support. 

However, the platform failed to acquire Uniregistry. It auctioned the domain name for $851,919.30.

True Names and Virgil Griffith are currently taking GoDaddy to trial over the auction for the name. 

Both sides had worked together and filed a complaint at a District Court of Arizona against GoDaddy for transferring the domain and for breach of contract.

Plaintiffs in the lawsuit are GoDaddy, Inc., Dynadot LLC, LLC, Manifold Finance, Inc., Trues Names, Ltd. and Virgil Griffith. 

They seek damages of at most $75,000, exempting attorney fees. 

Manifold Finance, listed as the current owner of the domain name, appears in the list.