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100+ Best Open Source Projects And  GitHub Repositories For Machine Learning

 Github projects for machine learning

Summary: Microsoft has created a free MIT-approved learning course to teach students the basics of machine learning.

github repo No 1

Machine Learning for Beginners By Microsoft

Summary: Machine Learning Interviews from FAAG, Snapchat, LinkedIn. The author has created this repo on the basis of his personal experience.

github repo No 2

Machine Learning Interviews From FAANG

Summary: This Repository contains python codes for essential and common machine learning algorithms like  SVM, PCA, etc

github repo No 3

Machine Learning  With Python

Summary: This repository index and organize the latest machine learning courses found on YouTube.

github repo No 4

Latest Free Machine Learning Courses (On YouTube)

Summary: A huge list of Artificial Intelligence, Deep learning, Computer vision, NLP and Machine learning Projects with source code.

github repo No 5

880 Awesome Open-Source Machine Learning Projects

Summary: This repository covers a curated list of awesome TensorFlow Tutorials,  Videos, Papers and more.

github repo No 6

Awesome TensorFlow And Reinforcement Learning

Summary: This repository aims at summing up in the same place all the important notions that are covered in Stanford's CS Machine Learning course.

github repo No 7

Machine Learning Cheat Sheets

Summary: This repository contains implementations of basic machine learning algorithms in plain Python (Python Version).

github repo No 8

Machine Learning Algorithms in Python

Summary: In this repo, You'll get a curated list of awesome Machine Learning frameworks, libraries and software.

github repo No 9

Best Free Resources To Learn Machine Learning

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