According to The Wall Street Journal, General Motors is producing only 12 large electric trucks daily months after it began delivering its first Hummer-EVs. 

This is a slow pace compared to the number of electric trucks other automakers produce.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Ford produces around 150 F150 Lightings per day, while Rivian's Q1 production numbers show that Rivian makes between 30-40 EVs per day.

CNBC reported that GM recently announced that the Hummer EV's cost would rise by $6,250 due to "higher prices of parts, technology, and logistics."

According to Chad Lyons (a spokesperson for GM), around 77,500 people have signed up for GM's Hummer EV waiting list.

It would take 17 and a quarter years to complete the waitlist if the company continued to produce 12 trucks per day, a figure Lyons declined to confirm. 

Lyons, GM's chief executive, stated that the company plans to increase its production rate "drastically" later in the year. According to The WSJ, this is because GM's Ohio battery factory will soon be online.

GM also has other battery factories under construction. It is a sign that Hummer production is slower because GM needs to order batteries from LG. LG was the one it worked with in making its factory.

Although I believe that vertical integration will benefit GM, it is not as though LG is a complete slouch when supplying batteries.