Google's Gboard keyboard for Android is offering a bonus to foldable phone users (or, at the very least, beta users).

It's designed to make typing on large, expanded screens like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the Microsoft Surface Duo 2 easier and more comfortable.

Split keyboard mode reduces the keyboard by dividing it in half. This places all keys on the folded side of the phone closer to your thumb while you hold it.

This feature is already available on Z Fold phones by Samsung's keyboard app, but some Android users prefer Gboard's typing experience with auto-correct.

Android Central was the first to notice the r/GalaxyFold subreddit's discovery of the feature's quiet inclusion. You can sign up for the beta version by visiting your device's Google Play Store page.

9to5Google reports that this feature will be available in the beta version 11.9.04. However, it is possible that you won't see it in your app until Google flips a switch on the server-side.

It will be obvious that you have it when the toolbar over your foldable's keyboard displays a split keyboard icon (I've highlighted the photo below in light orange).

It will allow you to split the keyboard and replace it with an icon that allows you to pull the two halves back together.

Below are two images of the split keyboard working on foldable phones. One is from a Galaxy Z Fold 3 (left), and one is from the Surface Duo 2(right).

This device arrived in late 2021 with a thud and has seen enough improvements to make it more appealing in 2022. For example, it's now easier than ever to type.