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Game Developer Get Banned From Stream For Roasting Other Users - See The Warning By Company For Devs

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After repeatedly violating the Steam discussion guidelines and rules, a developer was banned from its Steam forum.

Dolphin Barn Incorporated, the developer, shared a screenshot of its ban on Twitter. 

It said it had violated our discussion rules and guidelines twice, specifically by insulting or flaming another user.

"We also see increased abusive messages being sent to ban players from your hub. 

Please adhere to these guidelines when posting content in the Community and communicating with your players.

This is not all. PC Gamer points out that the developer is also under fire for its response to negative Steam reviews,

 Many of them referring to their extreme views about transgender people or toxic masculinity.

It added, "We also want it to be clear that you should never reverse Steam moderator decisions or allow rule violations on your hub," 

Future disregard for our guidelines and rules could lead to a deterioration in our business relationship."