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Four Pixel 7 Models Certified By The FCC

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Foxconn is expected to begin mass production of the Pixel 7 series soon. 

At the same time, Google continues preparations in October for an expected launch (preorders available on October 6th, sales on October 13th).

The FCC has to give their approval for the launch process. 

The regulator has provided documents showing four models: GP4BC (GVU6C), GE2AE, GE2AE, and GQML3. 

The first two models support sub-6GHz 5G; the second has mmWave connectivity.

The US will have the mmWave version, but it won't be available elsewhere.

Some regions will get sub-6GHz models because 5G isn't as popular in other parts of the world.

UWB is also available in the GP4BC, GE2AE and GE2AE.

These two devices are likely to be the Pixel 7 Pro, considering that the Pixel 6 Pro was the first Google phone with the new short-range connectivity option (and vanilla 6 didn't).