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Ford Confirms Layoffs, Says It Is Cutting About 3000 Jobs

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According to The Wall Street Journal, Ford will lay off approximately 3,000 employees and contract workers. 

The cuts are primarily in the US, Canada and India. 

The memo was sent by Chairman Bill Ford and CEO Jim Farley on Monday, informing employees of the layoffs.

The cuts will affect approximately 2,000 salaried and 1,000 agency or contract worker jobs.

It is not clear how the amounts will be distributed across Ford Blue (which manages its internal combustion engine vehicles) And Ford Model E (which contains its electric cars (E.V.s). T.R. 

T.R. Reid told Reporters that Ford Blue is affected by more cuts because it's proportionally larger. 

Ford isn’t the only automaker to have laid off its employees over recent weeks. Rivian laid off 6 per cent of its employees,

And Ford-backed startup Argo AI laid off about 150 employees. At the same time, Tesla fired workers who helped it train its Autopilot AI.