This optical illusion can be tricky and will test your emotional range.

Optical illusions are images we perceive differently from reality. You will discover your emotional range by taking the test.

Below is a stunning painting depicting a scene in Venice. This is Oleg's vision of Venice's calm and peaceful evening. Venice is known for its romantic atmosphere and tranquility.

Many claims to have seen a bridge, a boat, or even a couple entering, as well as a face (probably a Buddha or someone wearing masks).

If you saw the Bridge & Boat in your 1st impression within 6 seconds: Those who saw the bridge and boat first are those who don't like to leave anything hanging between the two. 

They have the clearest minds. They can clearly see what they want and will continue their relationships with anyone. 

They are happy with long-distance relationships but don't want to stop until they are satisfied.

If you saw the Couple Moving Inside the Building in your 1st impression within 6 seconds: You are likely very focused and prefer to live in the moment. You don't want to be in a relationship that is too long-term. 

You prefer to end the relationship on good terms and move on with your life.

If you saw the face on the bridge in your 1st impression within 6 seconds: People who see the face are delighted with their lives. They don't like to interfere with anyone's lives and prefer not to be in yours.

They can have long-distance relationships so long as they are not affected. If their lives become affected, they prefer to move on for inner peace.

Now you can determine if you can have long-distance relationships easily. This decision is entirely personal and will vary from person to person.