Today's brain teaser will give you the adrenaline rush you need to get started in your day. 

This image is a worldwide challenge because only the people with sharpest eyes can find the lamp in every piece of furniture within the time limit.

If you can find the lamp in this brainteaser in 30 seconds, you're among those only 30 percent puzzle solver.

In today's optical illusion, the creator challenges you to find hidden lamp among all the tables, plants, and sofas, etc.

Take a look at the below given image. If you'll see the image in a pattern (like row wise) carefully, You may be able to find the hidden lamp.

It takes on average 17 seconds to find the lamp, but don't be discouraged if it takes longer.

Are you able to find it? If yes then it's great and If no don't worry. We've also covered hint and answer for this puzzle in the next slides.

#GiveAway BY Insane

Do you know that we give away around $500 USD in cash prizes every week? 

HINT: ScS sofa experts made the teaser more difficult using green lamp shades.

If you still face problems, check out the next slide to see as well as verify the answer.