Optical Illusions play with your brain and your eyes. It remains in your thoughts.

Today's Challenge: If you can spot the hidden fish in the below the given image, you are among the top 0.1%.

The beach shown below is full of octopuses but their is one fish hidden in the image. See the below given image carefully.

This visual illusion is created by Gergely Dudas, a Hungarian cartoonist.

The artist has added some red herrings to the mix, including top hats, bows, and shells.

Did you spot the fish? How long does it take to catch the fish? If you're struggling, check out the hint given in the next slide.

HINT: The hidden fish is of sand color. Now, Give one more try. Check out the answer from the next slide.

ANSWER: The hidden fish is located at the top right side of the image (as shown below).

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