Today's viral optical illusion test requires you to look at the image and determine which orange circle is larger. 

Unfortunately, this test has failed many people. But it is worth a shot.

Steps You Should Try: 1. For 5 seconds, close your eyes and try to forget the image.

2. Now take a look at the image for 11 seconds.

3. Are you able to identify it? Just try to see it from various perspective.  Check out the answer in the last slide.

Are you also convinced that the second circle (on the right) is larger? But that's not true. See why in the next slides.

However, more than 90% of people who see this optical illusion test believe that the right circle (or the second circle) is larger than the left. Answer is given in the next slide.

ANSWER: Both circles are equal in size. How same? Explanation is given in the next slide.

Our brains are trained to see what it has seen in the past. This makes it difficult to understand the current situation.

In the image shown below, since the right circle is surrounded by the smaller grey circles, it has an impact on the inner orange circle as well, making it seem larger in size.  

The orange circle to the left is surrounded by larger grey circles making it appear smaller. This Ebbinghaus illusion can distort the perception of size but not the action.