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Fastest Charger: OnePlus 10T's Battery Size Confirmed

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The OnePlus 10T will launch next week.

OnePlus has already released its design and critical specs, including the SoC, cameras, RAM, storage and screen refresh rate. 

In addition, OnePlus revealed the OnePlus 10 T's battery just a few days before the unveiling.

OnePlus announced that the new 10T will have a 4,800 mAh battery. This is 200 mAh less than the 10 Pro's but allows for faster charging.

The OnePlus 10T supports 150W charging. This, according to OnePlus, will charge the 4,800 mAh cells from 1-100% in as little as 19 minutes.

Credits: OnePlus

The 160W charger included with the OnePlus 10T will support PD charging protocols, allowing you to quickly charge your tablets, laptops, and mobile gaming consoles.

In OnePlus' blog post, the company also mentioned the Smart Battery Health Algorithm on the 10T and Battery Healing Technology.

These technologies can combine to preserve 80% of the battery's original capacity after 1,600 charging cycles. 

The OnePlus 10T will officially be revealed on August 3. The OnePlus 10T will be fully unveiled on August 3. It will come with OxygenOS 13 and 16GB LPDDR5 RAM. There is also 256GB UFS 3.1 storage.