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TikToker Goes Viral Claiming They’re Actually A Fake AI Character That Fooled Everyone

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In one of the more bizarre and confounding TikTok viral moments, an account with a considerable following, 

Curt Skelton, with over 200,000 followers, has claimed that they are an AI person who fooled everyone. Is Curt Skelton fake?

Despite having a lot of videos uploaded to their accounts which are mainly focused on impressive graphics and effects,

The most recent video posted by Curt Skelton asserts that he's an AI and claims that this was all a ruse scam.

Fans were misled by AI Curt Skelton's video. But, even though it's an act of pranking, it did fool some people. 

Along with commenting on TikTok, the video became a viral hit on Twitter. Of course, there's no comment from Curt to explain the trick.

AI Is Very Powerful Credits: @curt.skelton

There are many evident signs in the footage, including the movement of Curt's hair or the arm's position not matching in the motion-capture footage.