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Facebook Will Pay You For Using This Music In The Video

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Meta has launched a brand new feature this week, which allows creators to earn money from videos on Facebook featuring songs by major artists such as Post Malone and Tove Lo. 

Incentivizing creators to stay within the legal boundaries of the use of music on the websites, Meta may be able to convince all music companies that it will take copyright infringement seriously.

Creators will be able to access the music library, which is licensed to them by Meta and can monetize their videos that contain licensed music by using advertisements. 

The creators will receive 20% of the ad revenues, and Meta and music rights holders will share the remainder. 

However, the new system comes with basic rules: eligible videos have to be at least one minute in length, and music should not serve as the main purpose of the video. This monetization feature does not apply to Reels.

Videos that contain music that is not licensed could be blocked or muted in the event of repeated violations, and users could be banned from their accounts.

As Billboard says, Facebook and Instagram are too large for industry leaders to overlook. Yet, Meta must have access to the top charts for it to keep up against TikTok or YouTube.