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Everything About MonkeyPox - Symptoms, Cure, Vaccine, Pictures And More!

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Monkeypox is one of the poxviruses that is similar to cowpox and smallpox. 

It is generally associated with blisters or pimples and flu-like symptoms, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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Most lesions are located on the legs and arms; However, in the current outbreak, they appear more frequently in the perianal and genital regions; this has led to concerns that the lesions of monkeypox could be mistaken for STDs.

The skin rash will "appear in various parts of the body, which is not where we would normally see this," Dr John Brooks, the chief medical officer of the CDC for HIV prevention, told reporters in May.

How is Monkeypox Spread? According to CDC, monkeypox can be spread through contact with each other or face-to-face interaction.

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What should I do if I am suffering from symptoms of monkeypox? If you experience a new skin rash or other symptoms of monkeypox, be sure to avoid contact with others until you've visited the doctor and had your test.

Monkeypox Pictures

"When you visit the healthcare provider, put on masks as well as remind them of the fact that the disease is prevalent within the region," the CDC says.

Who are at risk of getting monkeypox? Anyone who has come in contact with someone who has the rash of monkeypox or has come into contact with someone with an alleged or confirmed monkeypox has a high chance of contracting the infection.

What is the best cure/treatment for monkeypox? According to CDC, there's not a particular remedy for monkeypox. 

Because it's genetically related to smallpox, doctors utilize similar treatments, including antiviral drugs.

Is there any Vaccine for Monkeypox? There are two vaccines available across the US to stop monkeypox. However, not all people are qualified to receive one.

The US has an "ample of" of the vaccine against smallpox ACAM2000, which can be used to treat monkeypox. 

Can I get a vaccine? The demand for vaccines against monkeypox is extremely large, but shortages of supply and eligibility requirements make them difficult to obtain at this time.

Consult your physician or your local health department to get a vaccine.