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European Union Wants To Make Mobile Devices More Durable And Easier To Repair

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In a fresh draft proposal, the European Commission will be looking at the possibility of

Pushing manufacturers of smartphones and tablets to design their devices to be more durable and easy to replace. 

This proposal aims to reduce the amount of electronic waste and, if it passes through, 

According to the commission, it will decrease carbon emissions equivalent to 5 million cars on the streets.

The draft is focused on batteries and spare parts. Manufacturers are required to offer at least 15 vital components for every device five years following the launch. 

These components include batteries, displays and chargers, the back cover, memory cards, and a SIM tray for cards.

Furthermore, the legislation requires manufacturers to guarantee at least 80% capacity retention after a thousand charging cycles or provide batteries with a five-year warranty. 

Software updates shouldn't negatively impact battery life either. The rules don't apply to rollable and secure devices, however.