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Ethereum Merge Will Change Crypto Forever: Will Put Every Ether Miner Out Of Work

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Ethereum will undergo the most significant change in its seven-year history in just a few weeks.

The Ethereum blockchain was secured by a method called proof-of-work, which uses more electricity than the entire country of Belgium.

The switch to "proof-of-stake," a new method, is expected to reduce Ethereum's energy consumption by 1,000.

These are significant decisions. Failure to make the transition could cause chaos for many of the crypto projects built on top of Ethereum.

The culmination of many years of planning by Ethereum's core engineers would ensure a smooth transition. 

To allow themselves more time to prepare, developers repeatedly moved the "the Merge" date back over the past year. 

The final dress rehearsal was completed on August 10th, paving the way for the switch in mid-September.

A successful Merge will immediately put all of the world's Ethereum miners out of work. 

Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, believes that the Merge will set the stage for future upgrades that will allow the network to handle a greater volume of transactions over the next few years. 

Critics worry that the new scheme could lead to the Ethereum network becoming too centralized and thus more vulnerable to government regulation.