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Engineer Stole Trade Secrets While Working On The Apple Car

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Xiaolang Zhang pleaded guilty to stealing trade secrets from Apple. He worked on a self-driving car project between 2015 and 2018. 

He told his supervisor that he would work for Guangzhou Xiaopeng Motors Technology in China, also known as Xpeng when he left Apple.

Apple discovered that he had transferred approximately 24GB of "highly-problematic" data to his wife's laptop via AirDrop. 

He also took circuit boards and a server from Apple's autonomous vehicle laboratory. Zhang's plea deal terms are not publicly available.

However, a CNBC court document shows that Zhang pled guilty to the theft of trade secrets count in his indictment.

On November 14th, a conference will be held to decide his sentencing. 

CNBC reports that Zhang could face a quarter-million dollars in fines if convicted of theft of trade secrets.

According to US law, a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison is possible for theft of trade secrets.