Elon Musk told Twitter employees Thursday that Twitter must be more like WeChat or TikTok to reach its goal of getting 1 billion users.

According to employees, Musk said that Twitter should be more useful and provide "people with entertainment and information" when he was asked how it could grow its user base.

Musk is compared with WeChat in China, which combines social media and payments, games, ride-hailing, and other services.

"You live in China on WeChat. It'll be great if we can replicate that with Twitter.

Musk stated that there is no WeChat equivalent in China after he dialled in 10 minutes late for the virtual meeting via his smartphone camera.

He complimented TikTok for not being boring and said, "we could hone Twitter the same way as to be interesting." He also stressed Twitter's ability to surface news better.

He said that Twitter could do a better job of informing people about serious issues.  Musk was asked how Twitter would be successful in the next five to ten years.

He said the company should "contribute to a stronger, longer-lasting civilization where we're better able to understand the nature and reality of reality."

Musk stated that he wants Twitter's subscriptions to increase and that payments should be more important.

He also suggested that verification fees should be paid. Musk said that an "irony" label be created to allow people to see the intent behind tweets.

He also reiterated earlier comments about wanting a crackdown on spambots and bots, saying it "needs to be much more costly to have a Troll Army."  Twitter gave him extensive data access to show his good faith.

Musk's Thursday comments to Twitter employees suggest that he will make major changes to Twitter if his proposal to privatize the company goes through.

Musk said he would like to see the company become more financially disciplined, but he isn't against "exceptional employees" working from home.

While he was unsure if he would remain Twitter's CEO once he took over, he clarified that his involvement in the product would be deep.

Musk changed the topic to space, the age of the earth and possible dead civilizations on other worlds towards the end of the conference call. He said he had not seen any evidence of aliens yet.