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Elon Musk's Video Claiming 'Money Doesn't Have Power' Goes Viral

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Twitter is in a roar over Elon Musk's old video clip that appears to have surfaced, in which the world's wealthiest man can be seen expressing his thoughts on money. 

He says that money has no power in itself. The clip from the past was exposed again, as Elon Musk tweeted on Sunday his "yes" to the video to show that he stands in his words. 

It is interesting to note that the video clip that has gone viral is reported to be taken from the interview Elon Musk gave in April of this year.

In the video that went viral of Musk's interview, Musk says, "people are confused at times when they believe that an economy is just money. 

Money is a system for the exchange of goods and services. It isn't a force in and of its own. The real economy is made up of goods and services."

One Twitter user responded, "This is a well-known deep secret that's difficult to understand! If you decide to do... you will turn into Elon Musk," 

Elon Musk's Viral Video 

Video source: cb_doge (Twitter)

While another user said, "Why Elon Musk is wealthy and clever."

Another user on Twitter wrote, "the Venezuela inflation is a perfect example of having excessive money, but insufficient goods and services. 

"Another Twitter user wrote, "Life was simpler when people used to barter food. It's not that we should return to that, but the money crisis has made us blind and greedy."