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Elon Musk Couldn't Answer A Simple Question (Video)

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Elon Musk was quizzed about the dogecoin cryptocurrency joke 

When performing a sketch comedy on Saturday Night Live's popular US program. 

As a fictional financial professional known as Lloyd Ostertag in a skit for the parody news show Musk, musk began by saying, 

"Call Me the Dogefather". He was joined by comedian Michael Che, who first questioned him about cryptocurrency.

Mr Che asked Elon Musk: "what is dogecoin?" "Well, it started as a joke, based upon an online meme. But it's taken over real-world," Mr Musk responded. 

However, that wasn't good enough to satisfy Mr Che: "Ok, but what exactly is dogecoin?" See in the video in next slide "He was not able to answer."

Elon Musk Unable To Answer A Simple Question