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Elon Musk Teases His Own Social Media Site: Name Revealed

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Elon Musk is well-known for his often cryptic tweets on Twitter, which leave his followers scratching their heads. 

The Tesla CEO has done it again. This time, he hinted at building a social media platform amid a bitter legal battle against Twitter. 

This isn't Musk's first hint at something similar. A fan asked Musk in March if he would be open to creating a social media platform with an open algorithm. 

He replied, "Giving [a] serious thought." 

He proposed to purchase Twitter for $44 Billion a few weeks later. 

Musk was asked by @teslaownersSV just days before, "Have your thoughts about starting your own social media platform?" 

"If [the] Twitter deal fails to materialize, what's the point?" The billionaire replied with a simple reply: "X.com".

Musk did not give any additional information about the website, nor what he meant when he shared the link. Musk is familiar with the domain X.com. 

The website is currently in use; visitors will see only the letter "x" on the top-left.