Dogecoin Creator Feels Annoyed When Elon Musk Says Crypto Too The Moon

Jackson Palmer, co-creator of Dogecoin, said he was bothered by Elon Musk's copycat Reddit group SatoshiBets' Attempt to send the meme currency "to the moon" last year.

Palmer spoke to reporters, saying he is tired of being "dragged" into discussions about the currency he created eight years ago.

He used to view Dogecoin at the time as a hobby. Now, he says it's become a bother.

It was all annoying because it was something that had my name attached to it. 

Palmer stated that although I doubt people realize it, I wish that Dogecoin, my co-founder Billy and Elon didn't cause me to be dragged back into the mess.

"He added, "Even though I had deleted all social media, it continued to follow me around like a bad scent."

Palmer stated that Musk's interest in Dogecoin is a tactic to "latch onto communities" and "absorb them in his cult-of personality."

This is true for many topics. You can see how many right-wing, free speech advocates have become huge Elon Musk fans. 

He's able to build his army and take in all the different types of misfit communities.