Elon Musk Claims You Can Install Yourself In Tesla Bot - Is It Possible?

Elon Musk stated that Tesla Bot is more than a robot for human tasks. He wants it to develop a personality and become a companion.

He believes Tesla Bot could be an "incredible friend like C3PO and R2D2."

Musk had previously announced plans to create Tesla Bot. This artificial intelligence-equipped humanoid robot will be able to complete repetitive tasks.

It sounded like Musk's latest joke at first, but we have already reviewed it and found that it is a real project. Tesla has started to hire for it.

Musk stated that Tesla would make the robot for useful work and that it could even solve the labor shortage.

Elon Musk is optimistic about the future of humanoid robots. AI advancements are very rapid. Humanoid robots have begun to appear.

Musk agreed that Optimus could be a part of people's everyday lives by lending a hand around their house.

He stated that he believes it is possible for people to one day be able to download their brain capabilities into an Optimus.

He said, "We could download those things that make us unique." "Of course, it is possible to go into another body, but preserving your memories and personality, I believe, would be possible."

Musk also discussed the robot's bipedal design. He said, "Humanity designed the world for interaction with a bipedal humanoid, with two arms and ten hands."

 "A robot must have the same dimensions, shape, and capabilities as humans if it is to fit in and do things humans can't."