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Elon Musk Claims 'There Are 33% Spam Or Bot Accounts On Twitter'

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Kaicheng Yang, an Indiana University researcher on Social Media, was surprised last week. 

Botometer, which he built to analyze automated activity on Twitter, was mentioned in court documents during the legal battle between Twitter's Elon Musk and Twitter.

Musk's response to Twitter's lawsuit was made public on Friday. 

It stated that Musk's team used Botometer to analyze the number and types of bots. 

Musk replied that false or spam accounts made up 33% of the visible accounts on Twitter during the first week of July and 10% of the platform's monetizable daily active users. 

Twitter has maintained for years in its public filings that these accounts make up less than 5% of its monetizable daily users.

Yang, one of the original creators of Botometer, stated that he had not heard from Musk's group and was shocked to discover that the world's wealthiest man had used his tool.

"To be truthful, Elon Musk is very rich," Yang said. 

Yang said Monday that he had expected Musk to spend money hiring people to create sophisticated tools or methods for himself. 

Musk chose to use the Indiana University tool, which is free and publicly available.